Tilt Tray Towing Service

Ezitow is a leading company in the towing business and it presents its clients with a variety of options for towing, including the tilt tray towing. Tilt tray trucks comprises of movable flatbeds that can be easily extended towards the ground, therefore it’s easy to load the damaged vehicle into the truck via a flatbed. There are numerous advantages of tilt tray towing and Ezitow provides tilt tray truck service for your requirements. .

  • Ezitow cares for its passengers and hence offers passenger transport

As we see in numerous situations the owners of the damaged vehicle are often compelled to wait for another vehicle or cab to take them to a safe location, once the tow truck arrives to take their vehicle from the location of accident or the place where the vehicle malfunctioned. In the adverse weather scenario this wait time can be even turn out to be more inconvenient.

Tilt Tray towing

Tilt tray truck usually comprises of seating capacity for a few people. Therefore, the occupants of the malfunctioned or the damaged can easily be spared a long waiting time in snow or rain. They can simply hop right into tilt tray truck’s cabin and ride along the truck as their damaged car is taken to a repair shop. Therefore, this additional extra space designed especially for the convenience of passengers makes a tilt tray towing a better option.

  • Ezitow tilt tray trucks offer Better Safety

Ezitow tilt tray trucks further to prevent the deterioration of your damaged car. As, the car is carried carefully to the repair shop, rather than ragging it recklessly. Any car that is in need of towing is itself in a fragile state. Therefore, it would be really improper to drag the car with its front wheels, as it can result into further damage. Ezitow tilt tray trucks come with an ability to render unobstructed view of the path, hence avoiding any kind of accidents due to impeded view.

  • Ezitow offers a quick job

Few accidents just result in vehicles being flung down in rivers or ravines. An ordinary tow truck might consume a lot of time to maneuver your damaged vehicle into a state from which it can be easily pulled. However, when we talk about Ezitow tilt tray trucks they simply work by adjusting flatbed’s position in accordance with the situation, and recover damaged vehicle at a faster speed.

Tilt tray towing might cost a little bit more as compared to tow trucks but with all the added benefits it simply justifies the added expenses.

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